“Origin” Demonstrates the creative moment for which I am now in a state of freedom, of search and discovery, and at a starting point as the creator of my own language.

“Origin” It is also a sample of all of the musical influences that nourish the way I see and perceive dance: flamenco, Afro-Cuban, Arabic rhythms, jazz… Everything, so that in the end I can return back to flamenco, the root —the origin— that will always be in an eternal fusion of rhythms and cultures.

“Origin” is finally the search of my own path entering and discovering new territories without losing sight of my starting point, my origins.

“Origin” is a versatile and open performance that includes a new guest artist according to our artistic proposition which depends on the profile of the new artist and on the context of the show. Urban dance, jazz, tap, ethnic dances…. all of the trends in dance and music are welcomed and considered in this show since the “origins” of each one of them is to transmit to the audience the truest intimate desire of expression of the human soul.

In every occasion, Nino de los Reyes, will give the marvelous opportunity to his new guest artist to use rhythms, energies, looks, feelings…. all for the purpose of having a great mixture and fusion of dialogue among cultures with the objective to show to the spectator lasting moments of an authentic and pure performance.

His artistic creation is constantly evolving. Every performance is different and this kind of show is a flow of innovation that increases with the artistic contribution of each new performer.

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